My cat Jaws was as loyal as a dog and always kept me company while I wrote reviews. I had to put him to sleep in 2015 at age sixteen when he got sick. He was my muse and I still miss him every day. As tribute, this blog is dedicated to Jaws. My mom wrote the poem. My sister did the graphics.


He hissed his way into our hearts

Sharpened claws, oh where to start,

Darting from window to window, never still

Watching for prey upon the hill,

Fighting a possum who dared to be near

His family, his home, nothing to fear,

Looking after the babies and keeping them safe

Just one of his jobs in this place,

Loving to lay in a warm bed

The reading lamp shining upon his head,

We  remember this kitty as days go by

And miss our friend who slyly walked bye –

Reviews of movies past to present

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