Spoiler Alert!!! –

I advise readers to see the films first because Craft D Critiques examine all elements of the movie, including major themes, character explications, and endings where applicable. The reviews on this site offer a more detailed analysis than you will find in your average movie review so some familiarity with the content is helpful going in.

Craft D Critiques aren’t intended as consumer product tests. The main goal is not to tell moviegoers whether they will like a certain film or not (though it’s a safe bet that if I’ve taken the time to write about it, there were some elements I found interesting enough to mull over). Hopefully these critiques will offer something a tad more substantial for the hardcore film fan to chew on.

But be forewarned, Craft D Critiques can run to essay length, so if you have a little time to spare read on at your leisure by returning to Craft D Critiques Home

If not…  Click on the Scat Cat! below to go elsewhere (not recommended)

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