Spoiler Alert:

I advise readers to see the films first because Craft D Critiques examine all elements of the movie, including major themes, character explications, and endings where applicable. The reviews on this site offer a more detailed analysis than you will find in your average movie review so some familiarity with the content is helpful going in. Craft D Critiques aren’t intended as consumer product tests. The main goal is not to tell moviegoers whether they will like a certain film or not (though it’s a safe bet that if I’ve taken the time to write about it, there were some elements I found interesting enough to mull over). Hopefully these critiques will offer something a tad more substantial for the hardcore film fan to chew on. But be forewarned, Craft D Critiques can run to essay length, so if you have a little time to spare read on at your leisure by returning Home

If not…  Click on the Scat Cat! below to go elsewhere (not recommended)


He hissed his way into our hearts

Sharpened claws, oh where to start,

Darting from window to window, never still

Watching for prey upon the hill,

Fighting a possum who dared to be near

His family, his home, nothing to fear,

Looking after the babies and keeping them safe

Just one of his jobs in this place,

Loving to lay in a warm bed

The reading lamp shining upon his head,

We  remember this kitty as days go by

And miss our friend who slyly walked bye –


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