Male and Female

Paramount (1919) 116 min.  NR

Director: Cecil B. DeMille

Screenplay: Jeannie Macpherson from play The Admirable Crichton by James M. Barrie

Cinematography: Alvin Wyckoff; Editing: Anne Bauchens; Production Design: WIlfred Buckland; Costumes: Paul Iribe, Mitchell Leisen & Clare West

Stars: Gloria Swanson (Lady Mary), Thomas Meighan (Crichton), Lila Lee (Tweeny), Theodore Roberts (Lord Loam), Raymond Hatton (Hon. Ernest Woolley), Mildred Reardon (Lady Agatha), Robert Cain (Lord Brockelhurst), Edmund Burns (Treherne), Rhy Darby (Lady Eileen), Mayme Kelso (Lady Brockelhurst), Julia Faye (Maid), Henry Woodward (Eileen’s Chauffeur), Bebe Daniels (King’s Favorite), Wesley Barry (Buttons) Continue reading Male and Female